Fagor Automation celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Tomorrow, February 11, is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and today Fagor Automations has celebrated the special day. 

As we did in 2022, this year we also had 28 young girls aged 16 to 17 from Arizmendi Ikastola at Fagor Automation’s Eskoriatza plant. The main objective is to transmit to young people in high school the work we do at Fagor Automation to attract women to the scientific and technological areas and make them believe that they have the same capabilities as men, in order to continue making steps toward equality.

For this, several women working at Fagor Automation have shared their experience in the industrial world showing their day to day. And is that Fagor Automation has a technology research center AOTEK, which was created in 2002. The aim of this center is to develop optics and automation technology integrated in the products developed by Fagor Automation, as well as to participate in regional, national and European cooperative projects. AOTEK employs 26 workers, 8 of whom are women.

Thanks to Lorena Martinez, R&D Software researcher; Maria Nafarrate, R&D Hardware researcher; Uxue Urbizu, process and business quality technician; Ainara Elorza, R&D mechanical engineer and Zuriñe Garitaonandiari, process industrialisation technician, for sharing their experience with our visitors.

Equality Commission 

Fagor Automation, in 2017 for the first time, constituted the Equality Committee (BerBa). It is composed of 9 participants and represents the entire cooperative.

Throughout the last few years, Fagor Automation has been piloting measures and transformations in favor of equality, and since 2017 a restructuring has been offered in the committee, incorporating new members from the factory, with the aim of adapting to the current situation and challenges.

The Committee is composed of a broad representation of social management, the representative of the Social Council of the Fagor Group and the representative of the General Council, and throughout the year it works on initiatives and dynamics to promote gender equality.

From Fagor Automation we would like to thank the students of the Ikastola Arizmendi as well as those responsible for the center for their work in bringing women closer to the industry.