Fagor Automation collaborates with Kyma in Large Research Infrastructures

Recognized for its expertise and technology  in providing advanced automation solutions for industries such as manufacturing, Fagor Automation continues to take steps to venture into new sectors with its automation solutions.

This time it has partnered with Kyma to collaborate in Large Research Infrastructures. These infrastructures, such as synchrotrons and X-Ray Free Electron Lasers (X-FELs), are essential for conducting cutting-edge research and analysis in various scientific disciplines.

Kyma, an esteemed Italian company with over a decade of experience, specializes in the manufacturing and installation of permanent magnet devices. Renowned for their unwavering reliability in the permanent magnet devices and accelerator market, they have made significant advancements in the field of undulators. In particular, the integration of motors and encoders empowers precise control over the movements of the device. This enables real-time control of the undulator gap and phase, thereby maximizing the performance of experimental stations.

Fagor Automation, angular encoders for large research infrastructures
Fagor Automation is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of linear and angular encoders with high accuracy and resolution and is involved in various projects for Large Research Infrastructures.

Undulators, a specialty of Kyma, play a vital role in these infrastructures. They contribute to enhancing the performance of beamline experiment stations by generating highly concentrated radiation within precise energy ranges. Thanks to Kyma’s expertise, the evolution of adjustable undulators equipped with motors and encoders now enables real-time control over the undulator gap and phase. This remarkable capability ensures uninterrupted optimal performance of the experimental stations, empowering researchers to capture high-resolution 3D images of atomic structures, monitor chemical reactions in real time, and delve into the properties of both organic and inorganic matter.

Fagor Automation’s high-precision encoders play a vital role in the positioning and remote control operation of adjustable gap undulators. These encoders provide precise motion and feedback channels, measuring and compensating for mechanical deformation in the undulator’s structure.

By collaborating with Kyma, Fagor Automation ensures that the undulators’ critical parameters are accurately controlled, resulting in micron-level accuracy for the undulator gap and phase.

Encoders with cutting-edge technology
Mattin Lopetegi, Sales Manager for the Big Science Market in Central Europe at Fagor Automation, and Oscar Fernandez, Encoder Business Product Manager at Fagor Automation, emphasize the “successful collaboration with Kyma”. They praise Kyma’s expertise and understanding of their requirements, highlighting the excellent results achieved in their joint efforts.

The integration of Kyma’s permanent magnet devices and Fagor Automation’s encoders with cutting-edge technology further strengthens their ability to meet the stringent demands of Large Research Infrastructures. Together, they contribute to the advancement of knowledge and scientific discoveries in various fields, including chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, engineering, and medicine. By supporting the researchers with reliable and precise equipment, Kyma and Fagor Automation play a crucial role in facilitating groundbreaking experiments and discoveries within these Large Research Infrastructures.