Fagor Automation continues to successfully penetrate Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry in North America is worth $130–$200 billion per year and it contributes $300–$350 billion annually to the economy. Advance technologies in aerospace and defense such as lean, test and measurement, composites, high-speed machining, rapid prototyping and alternative cutting technologies, which have an impact on engine, airframe, rotary wing, naval, space, land-based systems, avionics, defense electronics and materials manufacturing are poised for large growth over the next 6-7 years.

aerospaceOver the past several years Fagor Automation’s Research & Development team has developed many specific features for the aerospace industry with CNC 8055 & CNC 8065 platforms. They were dedicated to ensuring the CNC platforms contained the capability to provide the high performance features the Aerospace manufacturers required.

On high order of these features was a combination of attaining a higher level of speed and precision-especially for machining composites. The Fagor Automation R&D team tasked themselves with developing many features including an on-board High Speed Surface Accuracy system (HSSA) combined with various algorithms and specific features like: tilt plane vector compensation, dual ultra precision resolution & accuracy, all delivered through complete ensemble of Fagor products. The monumental task has been successful based upon the results shown thus far.

As of 2014, Fagor Automation has successfully installed CNC 8055 or CNC 8065 Systems in the following Aerospace Industry Leaders Manufacturing facilities:

– Lockheed Martin – Cessna Aircraft – Alenia –Aermacchi
– Bell Helicopter – Airbus – ATK-Alliance Tech
– Boeing – Messier-Dowty – Bal Seal Eng.
– Raytheon – Bombardier – Pratt & Whitney
– L3 Communications – Rolls Royce Turbine – Northrup Grumman

The HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system reduces mechanical stress on the machine and extends the life of its components, while obtaining smoother movements and allowing higher feed rate and reduced machining errors.

The CNC 8065 is designed to easily adapt to a broad variety of machine structures managing standard kinematics (parallel kinematics, spherical spindles, rotary tables, etc.) and allowing to integrate the manufacturer’s specific machine kinematics with ease.

In 5 axis machining managing these kinematics combined with RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point) interpolation results in high quality part finish. The user programs the actual part and the CNC then adapts the movement of the articulations of the kinematics to continuously compensate the tool position while machining.

Where else can you meet the minds that are responsible for moving the aerospace industry forward? AeroDef Manufacturing Expo (Feb 25-27th at Long Beach California) is the resource for executives, engineers, and their teams, who are responsible for advanced manufacturing and productivity solutions in the aerospace industry.

Please visit Fagor Automation at booth # 517 to see latest solutions driving innovation in aerospace industry.