Fagor Automation is committed to social networks as Flickr

In 2010, Fagor Automation embarked on a digitalization process aligned to its communication strategy. Following a strategic reflection regarding the objectives and public it wishes to target, Fagor Automation decided to set up a corporate blog containing news of a general nature and other blogs for each of its local offices, in order to encourage user loyalty and foster even more direct relations.

In the course of the second phase of this online communication plan, Fagor Automation has entered the world of social networks, placing special emphasis on Twitter and Flickr. As set out in its communication strategy, Fagor Automation has decided to divide up its public according to local offices and, therefore, create on Twitter one general corporate profile together with a profile for each country or local office (@fagorautomation, @fagorautomation_eu, @fagorautomation_es, @fagorautomation_fr, @fagorautomation_us, @fagorautomation_pt, @fagorautomation_br, @fagorautomation_it). The aim of this segmentation is to suitably and effectively keep each of the communities informed.

As far as theFlickr free image gallery is concerned, Fagor Automation has stored, arranged and shared high-quality photographs using this medium. Thus, all users, distributors, media and customers may directly access this cannel both via the home page of the website and via the blogs. It currently comprises 5 collections: “showroom”, “products”, “corporate”, “exhibitions” and “installations”. One of the most interesting collections is that known as “showroom”, which enables the user to find out about the wide range of machines that use Fagor Automation products both in classic models from the world of machine tools and on alternative markets such as those of warping, lasers and stone, etc.

Fagor Automation’s aim with this digitalization process is to continually feed these communication channels to ensure that customers and distributors make use of this content when finding out about products.