Fagor Automation receives the acknowledgment of the Basque Electronic Cluster

Mr. Pedro Ruiz de Aguirre, representing FAGOR AUTOMATION, received the award in acknowledgement for the company’s contribution to the Electronic, Computer and Telecommunications sector in the Basque Country (Spain).

Last November 18th, the Electronic, Computer and Telecommunications Cluster of the Basque Country (GAIA – Cluster TEIC) handed the GAIA SARIAK 2010 awards in acknowledgement to people, organizations and programs excelling in their work for the development of the sector lately. 200 guests attended the event held at the Aquarium in San Sebastian. Among them, the general delegate for Gipuzkoa, Markel Olano; the Basque government advisor for industry, innovation, commerce, tourism, Bernabé Unda; the local delegate for mobility, Arantxa Tapia; the deputies for innovation and technology, Juan Goicolea and for Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism, Pedro Gómez Damborenea.

Besides the GAIA SARIAK awards, the Cluster wanted to acknowledge the companies in the sector that have been associated with GAIA for more than two decades. As pointed out by the President of Gaia, Joseba Ruiz de Alegría, “with their work, these companies, large, medium and small, contribute to strengthening the electronic, computer and telecommunications sector in Euskadi (Basque Country, Spain). A sector that, let’s not forget, is key by its contents and essential for the rest of the sectors of our economy”.

This award was given to: Conatec, Construcciones Mecánicas José Lazpiur, Daisalux, Diasor, Easo Informática Vizcaya, Ekodat, Fagor Automation, GE Power Management, Global Energy Services Siemsa, Grupo Comunicaciones y Sonido, Ibermática, IKOR, Ingeteam Corporación, Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions, Lurbe Grup, Microelectrónica MASER, Neurtek, NEXTEL, PYFE, TECTRON, TECCI Circuitos Impresos, Telecom y Novatecno; and TRES-D Diseño e Innovación Integral.