Fagor Automation web available in 7 languages

Since we launched Fagor Automation corporate website, we’ve been working on offering it in more and more languages so as to provide full service to our international network.

Nowadays, it comes in 7 languages: Spanish, English, Basque, German, Italian, French and Portuguese. Thanks to these developments and according to the data from Google Analytics, the number of visits to our website has gone up 10% with respect to the previous year and we’ve even improved our position getting the 1st positions on Google when searched for AUTOMATION, CNC or NUMERICAL CONTROL (CONTROL NUMÉRICO).

Besides providing information on the company as well as our sales and service network, it also offers up to date information on all our products with links to their corresponding catalogs and manuals in several languages.

One of the most dynamic sections of www.fagorautomation.com is our blog www.automationintheworld.com located in the news section informing at all times of Fagor Automation news, also in several languages.

Our experience in social networks is also being very positive:

we have more and more followers on Twitter

we have more and more visits to photos published on Flickr

we have more and more visits to the Fagor Automation channel on Vimeo

And… what are our next challenges?
  • Keep feeding the website with interesting and useful information for the users (e.g. product blueprints in CAD format).
  • Increase the number of countries on the blog. Currently published: World, Spain, Euskadi (Basque Country), USA, Brazil, France and Portugal. Coming up soon: Germany, Italy, China, etc.
  • Keep developing more languages, such as Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Keep informing and responding to people through social networks.
  • Etc…


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