FAGOR CNC 8070 on Danobat laser cutting machine

The Iris laser cutting machine is Danobat’s solution for laser cutting. It is a high productivity machine that thanks to fiber technology provides considerably lower production costs and lower energy consumption.

Laser fiber technology offers the customer numerous benefits like:

  • PRODUCTIVITY: High cutting and piercing speeds thanks to the high density beam and to linear motors.
  • VERSATILITY: A greater variety of materials may be processed thanks to its wavelength making it possible to cut reflective materials (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.).
  • EFFICIENCY: drastic energy consumption reduction.
  • COMPACT: Simple and compact layout. The use of fiber simplifies machine structure.
  • MODULAR: Easily automated. Optionally, it may be equipped with automatic storage, load and download systems.

The laser machine is equipped with the Fagor digital system. The CNC is a state-of-the-art CNC 8070 digitally connected through optic fiber to Fagor AXD drives that govern the linear motors of the XY table. As feedback system, it uses Fagor exposed linear encoders capable of handling the high speeds and accelerations demanded by the system.

This configuration allows reaching feedrates of up to 312 m/min and accelerations of up to 28 m/s^2.

On the other hand, the CNC 8070 offers the specific cutting feature called Dry Cut that allows blending cutting and non-cutting blocks without changing the speed. This makes it possible to do grid type cutting practically without slowing down.