Fagor cooperates with Cheto in the development of new solutions for deep drilling

Fagor Automation has been cooperating for years with Cheto Corporation, one of the main mold making machine manufacturers in the world in the development of new solutions for deep drilling machining. Their machines, equipped with Fagor CNC’s and linear encoders are distributed worldwide.

Fagor Automation had the opportunity to talk with the people in charge of Cheto Corporation; Mr. Paulo Carmo (Financial department), Mr. Carlos Teixeira (Sales department) and Mr. Sérgio André (Technical department).

How did this project originate? How did it develop?

The project began as a bet at the University, carried out by a group of technicians specialized in mold manufacturing. The goal was to develop a machine that could offer greater versatility in the mold making process. This machine had to make the process faster and more productive and its target was a diverse group of Portuguese mold manufacturers .

How was the ©HETO project born?

Officially created in 1998, the Cheto machine creating project, is the result of over 30 years of experience in mold manufacturing .

Research and permanent development allows to offer to the market a versatile, highly accurate and reliable product. Always trying to optimize the productive processes of our customers, Cheto machines allow executing a wide variety of mold making operations that integrated into a single machine reduce manufacturing time and, consequently, reduce production costs.

This concept makes it possible for Cheto to become a world wide recognised brand.

Having sold their machines in four continents, their goal is to keep improving and innovating in this sector offering the market a highly competitive and high value generating product.

Distributed throughout the world and with a great variety of models, which sectors are the ©HETO machines for? Which markets does the ©HETO product influence most?

Our machines are distributed in 4 continents and in countries such as China, India, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Czech Republic, etc. and to prestigious customers like Hispamoldes (Spain); Sridevi Tools Ltd (India); Warren Industries (Canada), Wuhan Industries Ltd (China), S.C.S S. S.r.l (Italy) among others.

We develop associations with enterprises that help us and cooperate with us to develop and improve our products. In this regard, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and it is thanks to this union of forces and knowledge that we can offer the market a highly competitive and high value generating product.

Fagor Automation is one of the main associates of this project. What are the main reasons behind this choice?

Fagor Automation is part of this project from the very beginning. This long lasting association proves our great confidence in the FAGOR product and in the developing capability of Fagor Automation. Their proximity, product quality, technical expertise and tight professional relationship have been our main choosing factors. This team work makes it possible to develop very specific applications and cycles for our machines that differentiate us from our competitors.

Out of Fagor Automation’s product range, which are the main products or models used most on ©HETO machines?

©HETO machines are equipped with the FAGOR CNC 8070 and the CNC 8065 depending on the machine model. We use AXD drives, FXM servo motors, GA absolute linear encoders, SA high resolution absolute encoders, among others that perfectly meet the requirements of our machines.

Chetocorporation, S.A. is more and more recognised in the CNC machine market for the mold making industry. What are your expectations for these coming years?

As far as concerns the market, and for these coming years, we are planning on keeping reinforcing the presence of our products worldwide by increasing the number of machines in certain specific segments. There are also some markets that we consider strategic where we would like to reinforce the recognition of our products, but for that, it is crucial to find agents and distributors, which is not always an easy task.

Coming to the product, we will continue with this R&D process to offer the market a reliable and technologically advanced product that our customers can appreciate.