Fagor digital Suite: digitization process of production plants

Fagor Automation and its digitization platform Fagor Digital Suite aim to support customers in the digitization process of their production plants.

The demand for Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is fueled in two ways: the real need of users who need to improve the profitability and management of their assets (availability, efficiency, productivity, quality, etc.), and the push of governments, both national and European, that promote the modernization and digitization of assets with direct aid to the sector.

Fagor Automation product evolution in the technologies related to I4.0

The technologies applied are not new, as all of them have been incorporated into the entire Fagor Automation product range in the current catalog.

The equipment sold is ready for the complete digitization of the machines. In addition, current equipment includes a series of new features and protocols that have been standardized in the sector.

Fagor Automation’s offer, both in terms of product and services applies the most advanced technologies, even well ahead of other agents that are present in our sector. Many of the technological evolutions applied come from multiple national and European collaboration projects with partners such as technology centers, universities, manufacturers, users, and other agents in the sector.

Fagor Digital Suite Platform

The platform covers all needs, both for users and manufacturers.

As far as users are concerned, they are those who seek to have indicators to improve the availability and efficiency of their machines by integrating information on the machine, technical office, personnel, planning, and production more efficiently and managing the maintenance of their assets.

On the other hand, it is also aimed at manufacturers who want to manage their assets, also enabling new services for them. A suite of tools is provided to the machine builder that enables the creation of new digital products and services.

To meet these needs, we implement a hardware and software infrastructure in a fast, simple, and non-intrusive way. This allows to capture all the necessary data and transform it into valuable information to facilitate decisions.

In addition, allows interoperability with many of the systems involved in a production process, including machines with automation packages and CNCs from manufacturers other than Fagor Automation. For that, these systems must be prepared with the technologies and protocols of adequate connectivity and established as standards currently.

Digitization in Fagor Automation is not a fad, it has come to stay.