Increase the material removal rate with FAGOR’s new DMC feature

DMC (Dynamic Machining Control) adapts the feed-rate during machining to keep the cutting power as close as possible to ideal machining conditions.

DMC optimizes the use of the machine and the tool, which makes it possible to increase the material removal rate (MRR) without impairing the life of the tool, since it is operating within its rated conditions. Optimization is based on the cutting power to be reached, which is also referred to as target power. This power not only depends on the tool, but also on the material and the cutting conditions (feedrate, spindle turning speed, depth of pass and sideways step (pass)), and therefore its value must be linked to the entire combination of the tool + material + cutting conditions.

DMC is available for milling operations with “Milling” and “Surface milling” operations. This function can be applied to roughing and finishing operations, but this function provides the most benefits in terms of machining time and tool life in roughing operations.

Advantages of DMC:

  • Longer tool life
  • No operator required to handle machining conditions
  • Reduced machining time
  • Less tool wear and detection of tool breakage
  • Automatic learning about the cutting power of the lead screw

This new feature works on software versions V1.70 (CNC 8060) and V5.70 (CNC 8065) and requires the software option “DMC (Dynamic Machining Control)”

For further information, refer to the manual “CNC 8060_8065 Operating”, available at: