First gantry machine in Spain that combines the Fagor CNC 8065 and Fagor steel tape based absolute linear encoders

One of Fagor Automation’s recent successes has been the installation of a complete system in Zamudio, this full system included steel tape based absolute linear encoders on the first machine of these characteristics from the Basque manufacturer CMI.

The machine has been manufactured by “CMI Aeronáutica” (Machine-Tool manufacturer located in Durango, Spain) and is specially designed to make high accuracy parts for the aerospace industry. In particular, this machine is dedicated to manufacturing parts for the DYFA group; company that offers products and services for developing tools, components and primary parts for the aerospace, automotive and naval sectors among others. Among their customers, Airbus and Aeroblade are the main references in the aerospace sector.

Gantry axes

The peculiarity of this machine is that it is a gantry type; i.e. the X axis of the machine consists in a master axis and a slave axis moving together. Due to the level of accuracy required, this machine is equipped with a gantry axis system that provide better and more accurate control of the movement of the portal (bridge) of the machine. This accurate control of the machine would not be possible without a high quality measuring system. In this case, it consists of 10-m long FAGOR ABSOLUTE type encoders. The challenge was to mount the absolute linear encoders onto both master and slave axes. The challenge was successfully accomplished based on a close cooperation with CMI which has made this manufacturer the first domestic manufacturer to offer this innovative product. According to Mr. José María Viniegra, head of domestic Fagor Automation encoder sales, “it has been possible to brilliantly overcome a very demanding challenge offering our customer a unique and custom tailored solution”.

Fagor Automation has been the first encoder manufacturer in the world to offer an absolute solution to this type of applications in lengths over 4 meters and with steel tape based linear encoders. Using this absolute technology gives them the advantage of not having to reference (home) the gantry axes (portal of the machine) which is a particularly critical task in this kind of applications because the portal must always remain in the same position in order to prevent breakage or mechanical deviations.

The great versatility of their CNC’s for adapting to various types of machines and their fully customizable interface make the CNC 8065 the ideal complement for all kinds of machines.

5-axis machining

For machining parts, this machine uses the RTCP (Rotation Tool Center Point) function improves part finish by making the tool tip follow the programmed profile regardless of the length and orientation of the tool. The user programs the actual part and the CNC adapts the movement of the articulations of the kinematics to continuously compensate the tool position while machining. The CNC 8065 also permits machining in inclined planes without having to loosen and wedge the part. Once the tool has been manually or automatically oriented, it is enough to define the inclined plane and carry out all kinds of machining operations, pockets, rotations, etc.