FVC, Fagor Volumetric Compensation

Machines for the aerospace sector demand automation systems with higher precision in their work pieces and machines. In this industry, complex 5-axis machines are used to machine large work pieces and their precision will depend on the tolerances used when manufacturing the machine and the effect of temperature while machining. That is why the volumetric compensation offered by Fagor CNC‘s has become an essential requirement to meet the demands of the aerospace industry.

The software-option FVC, allows a process correction file created by AfM Technology GmbH, to be entered directly into the 8070 / 8065 CNC of Fagor Automation and from there it can be worked on online.

This result is a noticeable improvement of the volumetric accuracy in the entire workspace of the machine tool. Hereby the complicated mechanical correction of the machine tool can often be avoided.

The compensation of the column bending / -rolling at moving column machines is only possible with FVC from Fagor at the 8070 / 8065 CNC.

Your advantages:

  • Faster error mapping reduces down time and therefore costs
  • An increase of volumetric accuracy of more than 50% through FVC in 8070 / 8065CNC models
  • Usually no mechanical correction is necessary, also alter collisions
  • Higher machine availability by Condition Monitoring.

Fruit of this development, Zayer, leading company in the sector with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing milling machines and machining centers has tested the FVC very successfully on their machining center model 30KCU 8000-AR, obtaining great results in terms of precision of the machined work pieces.

The AfM Technology GmbH is a solutions provider in the area of mobile measuring technology. The specialty of the company based in Germany, lays in the calibration measurement and compensation of deviations of machine tools, coordinate measurement devices, robotic systems and other positioning equipment.