GEKA optimizes their production lines with Fagor Automation to reach higher productivity and safety

Much of the global metal production is now using mature technologies have changed little over time. However, the vitality of these technologies is reflected in the development of automatic production lines with increasing production capability and security.

Since 1919, GEKA provides metalworking industry with manual equipment for drilling and cutting (punching, shearing and, more recently, drilling and folding), both rim and profiles.

GEKA Automation’s automatic line ALPS 160 for autonomous serial production of rims and angular profiles

The initiative and entrepreneurial spirit of small workshops have caused needs to evolve from basic automation solutions based on pneumatic systems, relays and electro-valves that repeated simple individual actions (e.g. forward, punch) – up to advanced numerical controls ( FAGOR 8070 CNC ) that can not only perform more complex actions, but increase the flexibility of the entire production line making it possible to swap the parts to be manufactured and, therefore, the tools used in each program, modify the tool paths and enable / disable processes of the production line.


However, productivity should not be the main aspect to consider in the production systems metal sector. In fact, security is really the first aspect to consider in the development of new models.

GEKA designs observe the different situations of danger together with the usual production activities in the machine. The combination of safety devices with the features offered by CNC’s like the FAGOR 8070 helps optimize the balance between productivity and safety, even in very simple operations.

GEKA Automation’s automatic line ALFA 500 autonomous serial production of rims
GEKA Automation integrates Fagor Automation’s 8070 CNC to control all axes, switching actuators and maneuvering systems for most complex lines

The most complete systems offered by GEKA Automation are autonomous series rim production lines and angular profiles. Angular profiles are used especially in the manufacture of telecommunication towers, electrical towers, highway guardrails, overhead supports for railway lines, etc. In the case of the steel rim, boiler applications are manifold. They are used as joining plates between construction profiles, truck chassis, boiler works, etc.

Acceleration, deceleration, positioning continuously occurs in the part manufacturing process of a part is produced continuously both for material and tools. In fact, it is important to note that the systems have been developed for moving high inertia parts (rims, 1900 kg, 570 kg angular profiles) at speeds between 12 and 36 m / min and positioning accuracy of ± 0.1 to ± 0.25 mm.

Briefly, it consists in controlling several high dynamic axes with different principles of action, combining advanced automation and integrating interfaces with safety components. To control all axes, actuators and systems to maneuver more complex lines, GEKA Automation integrates 8070 CNC controls developed by Fagor Automation.

The collaboration with Fagor Automation has made it possible to a user friendly interface for each line with the possibility to inspect the status of various sensors and easily define the size / position of each tool. The flexibility of the CNC has been patent in the design of new modules for the machines.