GORATU: Innovative 28m-long machine with FAGOR CNC

Goratu manufactures an innovative 28 m long machine for naval sector parts with a CNC system from Fagor Automation.

GEMINIS brand lathe manufactured by Goratu, model GHT9 G4 D – 1600 for Baliño.

Due to the need to machine very long parts, the company BALIÑO, S.A. has asked GORATU to manufacture two in-line lathes that will facilitate their machining. The two CNC systems and the 28 metre feedback systems are by Fagor Automation.

Baliño, founded in Vigo (Spain) in 1948 as from the outset been linked to the naval sector, and has diversified its activity over the years towards other sectors such as mining, paper industry, cement plants, hydraulic electricity plants and, in general, any industrial project.

Goratu, for its part, is a prestigious company dedicated to the manufacture of machine tools. Located in Elgoibar (Spain), its machines have been installed on five continents and has benefited from the experience of the brands LAGUN and GÉMINIS from where it originates. And it is this experience, aligned with the very latest technologies, which guarantees its solvency, allowing it to undertake projects such as this unique lathe for Baliño.

The project in question consists of two lathes that work independently with one CNC 8070 by Fagor Automation each, but can work as a single unit if the part to be machined requires. The lathes are mounted one after another, so that carriage and counterpoint for one can pass onto the other. The lathes, operating independently can machine parts up to 12 metres long, however by joining the two machines they can machine parts up to 24 metres long.

The machine is mainly aimed at machining shafts for the naval sector and its characteristics reflect the magnitude of the parts to be machined. It has a bench diameter of 1,600 mm and each 100 kW motor lathe can machine parts up to 17 tonnes.