Gurutzpe offers solutions to the oil sector

Gurutzpe, a Spanish company with over 50 years experience in the Machine Tool sector, is today one of main manufacturers in heavy duty CNC lathes of large capacity. Their lathes are destined for the following sectors: shipbuilding, railway, aeronautics and energy generators, iron and steel, agriculture, oilfield, etc.

They are manufacturing several lathe models for the oilfield sectors, all using Fagor systems: linear encoders, drives, motors and FAGOR CNC. Conversational cycles are used to machine pipes, obtaining the correct solution per degree of complexity as per user requirements. 2 examples of Gurutzpe Lathes for the oilfield sector:


Model A1200 4G

  • 15 metre machine between headstock and tailstock.
  • 2 automatic carriages (1st with motorized tool, 2nd 250 mm square turret and boring support) with 2 automatic hydraulic steadies each, to hold the part better.
  • 4 guides.
  • 9 axis
  • Boring bar of 260mm.
  • High accuracy grinded ball-screws.
  • Headstock with automatic two-gear change.
  • Equipped with Fagor system, linear encoders, drives, motors and CNC 8070 lathe model with two channels and 2 operator panels.
  • Specially designed for machining pipes and extractor heads (oilfield sector). Can machine parts up to 12 m long. (It has greater capacity; however, the longest parts are 12 m.)

Model A1600 2G

  • 4 metre machine between headstock and tailstock.
  • Boring bar of 360mm.
  • Live tool.
  • Equipped with Fagor system, linear encoders, drives, motors and CNC 8070.


Fagor Automation has collaborated in the commissioning of these machines and incorporated new features in their cycles such as the API standard (American Petroleum Institute), the only national commercial association representing all aspects of oil in the US and the natural gas industry.

To make programming user friendly and improve productivity, Fagor Automation has applied the data of this standard to their cycles. Thus when the user selects an API reference, the program automatically provides all the data corresponding to that standard.

Schlumberger and GPS Oil are two of the customers who have opted for these machines. Schlumberger, is leader service supplier for oil fields to deliver higher results and greater E&P performance for oil and gas companies worldwide and has purchased models A12004G and A16002G.

Furthermore, the German company, GPS oil, dedicated to the distribution and repair of deep borehole pumps and equipments for the oil and gas industries; particularly pipe thread following WAM and API standards has chosen the model A16002G.