Lantek and Fagor Automation bring advanced innovation to fiber laser cutting machines

Lantek and Fagor Automation announce the signing of a technological collaboration agreement allowing Lantek Inside software to be integrated into Fagor’s CNC’s for fiber laser cutting machines.

With this step, users will gain in agility, efficiency and productivity, thanks to the operator’s greater control in managing the machining directly from the workshop.

The partnership comes at a time when fiber laser cutting technology is experiencing rapid growth, especially in China, opening up new and attractive business opportunities. These machines offer a series of interesting advantages over C02 laser machines: cheaper maintenance, lower energy consumption, high cutting speed and greater precision in finishes.

Fagor Automation has extensive experience in machine tools, spanning more than 35 years in the sector. Several years ago it began to focus its efforts on the laser market, where it has developed a complete solution for machines that use laser technology, enabling the company to become a leader in the sector, more specifically in the segment of medium to high power machines (between 2 and 12 kw). This integration is in addition to the latest specific developments for laser cutting that Fagor Automation has launched throughout its range of CNC’s, culminating in this achievement of maximum performance with great ease of use.

“This technological collaboration with Lantek allows Fagor Automation to make a technological leap in its laser CNC’s, making laser cutting machines easier to use”, explains Iñaki Antoñanzas, Head of Laser Technology at Fagor Automation.

Meanwhile, Francisco Perez, Director of Lantek’s Machine Tool Manufacturers Channel, said that “Through this agreement, Lantek has taken another step as a global company creating solutions that improve the competitiveness of the main players in the metal industry”.

Lantek Inside is a solution that, although it has been a part of Lantek’s portfolio for some time now, has been optimized by the company’s R&D&I team to incorporate new and improved features. Highlights include the possibility of editing machining, generating new machining tasks and adding or removing parts directly from the plant floor itself, giving the final operator greater control. This allows for greater versatility when it comes to maximizing the use of material and execution times, reducing response time, making changes from the machine itself and not from the office.

Also, as well as reducing the creation of unnecessary documentation, since the machining information is in the software itself, the boxes don’t need to be printed. Moreover, operators have at their disposal the information of the work to be done as soon as this is generated thanks to a direct connection between the office software and the workshop software. This optimizes solutions for normal production needs, such as reworking damaged or lost parts, or reusing any previously generated scrap without the need for intermediate procedures and sheet metal alignment and measurement.

Providing the best user experience with its solutions and meeting the present and future needs that the fiber laser machine manufacturers may require, is one of Lantek’s priorities. “In this sense, this agreement will allow both the manufacturers of cutting machines and end users to benefit from greater machine-software integration, as well as a much more user friendly and functional man-machine interface ” says the Lantek executive, Francisco Pérez.