Large spring with CNC 8070

USTB HEXING TECHNOLOGY CO. designs and manufactures special machines for making large springs that are used for high speed trains, subways, large construction machinery etc.

They have manufactured about 30 spring machines so far and they are all equipped with Fagor CNCs (most of them with CNC 8037).

HEXING TECHNOLOGY has been using Fagor CNC 8070 since 2015 and the two spring machines they are manufacturing now will be equipped with a Fagor CNC 8070 and Fagor drives.

This spring machine equipped with the CNC 8070 OL has 7 axis driven by a FAGOR AXD drive, 1 axis driven by a FAGOR SPD drive, 2 DRO axes driven by Hydraulic pressure and another auxiliary equipment driven by air pressure and an inverter.