Logistics as a proposal of value

Nowadays, the logistic process has become a differentiating and strategic characteristic in the company-customer relationship. Although distribution has been an everyday systematic task, the company resources and efforts have begun to focus on optimizing the technical process of logistic service; increasing customer benefits and reducing the costs related to the supply process.

Thanks to logistic automation, Fagor Automation has made it possible to consolidate its distribution process guaranteeing efficient and profitable service worldwide. They have a firm logistics center of 2,100 m2 located in Eskoriatza (Spain), with a capacity for 3,500 pallets and 4,700 boxes. The automatic warehouse aims at meeting customer needs and its main goal is to offer them agile, easy and flexible service to them.

“We are now designing the modeling of the supply chain in order to face new challenges and opportunities offered by the market”, adds Mr. Ion Beltza, in charge of the logistics department.

Fagor Automation keeps betting on innovation in terms of strategy, offering their customers the most innovative technology integrated into all their commercial actions.