Machine Tool, Dalian Machine Tool Group and Ningbo Haitian visit Fagor Automation

On 28th November, the Eskoriatza plant of Fagor Automation received a visit from Mrs. Ying Wang (Deputy Director) from the company Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co. Ltd and from Mr. Huaisheng Jiang (Vice Director) from the company Dalian Machine Tool Group, together with Ma Qianli (General Manager) and Guo Grant (Business Manager Europe) from the same company. They were also accompanied by Andoitz Korta from the Basque company Korta Group, which specialises in the manufacture of high-precision ball screws and has been equipping the main manufacturers of machine tools in the world all these years.

This visit was promoted by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism of the Basque Government via SPRI and in partnership with AFM (Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association of Spain), who organised a conference about the Machine-Tool sector that was attended by these major Chinese companies.

The Machine-Tool sector is one of the key sectors and also one of the fastest-growing in China. In 2010, China had a total annual consumption amounting to 28,480 million US dollars, with an inter-annual increase of 42%. Chinese consumption exceeds that of the United States, Japan and Germany put together. 5 out of every 10 Machine Tools consumed in the world are consumed in China.

The management of these companies has shown a great deal of interest in the glass engraving process carried out at the feedback systems plant, and what that entails for the accuracy of linear and angular encoders. The fact that Fagor Automaton is in turn also the only supplier in the world of linear steel tape encoders of over 60 metres and over 40 metres in the case of absolute linear encoders was another of the themes that proved to be a major focus of attention. Along the same lines, the capacity for Fagor Automaton to offer a Global Solution to the Machine-Tool sector, with its broad range of CNC, servo drive and feedback systems, was also promoted.

Miren Saiz, the person responsible for manufacture at the glass production plant, was in charge of acting as guide for the visit. The Sale Managers of both Fagor Automation businesses, Iñaki Bañuelos and Asier López, accompanied these managers throughout their visit.