MAR: high performance grinding machines for all requirements

If we are looking for a worldwide reference in the field of grinding machines, that is MAR SRL. It is a young company founded in 2015 in San Marino and defines five own strengths: installation, assistance, inspection, retrofit, and production of automatic machines.

The company has evolved and grown in just a few years. When the company was founded, it was only responsible for the assembly, assistance, and inspection of the machines; it focused on providing a fast and efficient quality service to meet all the customer’s needs. Subsequently, its range of services has expanded with machine re-engineering and design to offer the customer a 360° service. In 2017, the company completed its offer with the design and manufacture of grinding machines under the MAR brand. These machines are distinguished by their flexibility, modularity, and high performance in order to meet any requirement.

Furthermore, MAR combines all its services with the outsourcing of assembly activities through a highly qualified staff that operates autonomously for all manufacturers of automatic machines and plants that require fast and efficient service.

Thanks to the excellent reliability of MAR grinding machines, its customers can perform highly specific work cycles and create a high-quality end product.

Specialists in customization

Among the companies with which MAR collaborates is Fagor Automation. “Our relationship with Fagor goes back a long way. Even before we founded MAR. We started using Fagor Automation’s optical scales and feedback systems, in 1996, in a previous work experience. Subsequently, in 1998 we incorporated the 8055 TCO CNC for an innovative model of grinding machine with an intuitive interface based on conversational cycles” explains Enrico Bollini, Sales Manager of MAR.

Bollini assures that Fagor Automation collaborated from the beginning in the development of its solutions. For MAR, the main value of Fagor products is the extreme customization offered to its customers.

The working environments of MAR’s machines are very aggressive and dirty due to the chemical agents used in the grinding machines. Because of this, they have integrated the new family of Series 3 absolute rulers, and thanks to its 3Statech technology they can keep the machines at full productivity with almost no maintenance in the most extreme situations.

Proximity, involvement and reliability

One of the hallmarks of the MAR grinding machine company is that it builds lasting relationships with its customers. It is therefore not surprising that it seeks identical ties with its suppliers, such as Fagor Automation.

Bollini says that the relationship they have with Fagor Automation’s Italian subsidiary is “excellent”. “More than a supplier it behaves like a partner, involving itself in our projects and offering extreme attention to each of our requests, both technical and commercial. We have developed a direct and friendly relationship with many people at Fagor, which is the fundamental basis for a good partnership. We also appreciate the closeness with Fagor HQ.”

In addition to closeness and friendliness, there must be a solid product and quality services. “Reliability is essential in our market. As an OEM we also appreciate the fast learning curve of the individual products and the ease of the software that Fagor provides on the different equipment which is always intuitive and complete, greatly reducing the time needed to customize the user experience” states MAR’s Sales Manager.

Integration and interconnectivity

Interconnectivity is another key element at the present time. “In a working environment increasingly focused on Industry 4.0, both CNC and measurement systems will have to be more and more interconnected with third-party systems and will have to manage and exchange data in real-time with different applications. In an increasingly “smaller” world, the exchange of experiences between different sectors will be fundamental to better focus the solutions to individual problems” remarks Enrico Bollini.