Electrical discharge machining, EDM

EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining using a wire electrode is known for slow feedrates and very high positioning accuracy in a high electrical current environment. As the material is being eroded, controlling the distance between the part and the tool becomes crucial in this process. wire-edmIf the electrode moves too close to the part, it causes the parts to touch each other causing a short-circuit that affects the part surface finish quality, but if it moves too far from the part, the material removing speed decreases.

It should be mentioned that geometrically complex parts may be obtained with this type of machines that cannot be obtained with any other kind of machining process and they are used by manufacturers of automotive and aerospace parts as well as by providers of auxiliary elements such as molds and dies for these sectors. Fagor Automation is a usual provider for EDM machine manufacturers and cooperates with world leading manufacturers who are a reference in the EDM/wirecutting sector.

Inteempresas.jpegWith an ample product line for the machine-tool sector, we offer our EDM/WIRECUT customers the right products specific for this sector, particularly small encoders, nanometric resolution with digital and incremental signals besides complying with electromagnetic compatibility standards in effect today.

In this line, Fagor Automation will go on with their investment strategy on new products that will keep ensuring the confidence of their many customers for their projects in leading sectors like the one mentioned here.