Mold making

MOLD MAKING: HSC algorithms, configurable subroutines, Dynamic override, Percentual control of machining, Spiral milling, etc.

Improved HSC algorithms

Improved part finish: Smoother shapes and lower machine vibration may be achieved.

Higher accuracy: It resolves Cad-Cam generated points more accurately offering an average machining accuracy improvement of 30%.

Shorter times: Depending on the demand of the parts, machining time is considerably reduced thanks to its new micro-processors, with a block processing time under 1 ms and look-ahead between 300 and 2400 blocks depending on CNC model.


G500, G501,… user configurable subroutines

They offer routines activated by G codes (G500-599) that let the user define specific behavior of the machine in roughing, semi-finishing, finishing operations, etc.

Dynamic override

The use can use a bar to control the behavior of the machine while machining.


Percentual machining control

For series part production, the CNC offers the percentage of execution time. This lets the user run other tasks at the same time while controlling the time left to change the part.

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Spiral milling

The user will be able to program how he wishes to machine the pockets, with the classic method of machining passes or by running progressive spiral passes.