MOLDMAK: at the forefront of industry 4.0 in intelligent mold production

Moldmak, a company with extensive experience, research, and development in mold manufacturing located in Porto, Portugal, is a pioneer in Industry 4.0 and has been collaborating with Fagor since the beginning of the project

Designs, develops, produces, and markets machines with CNCs to optimize the production process in the manufacture of molds.

Fagor Automation, together with Moldmak

António José Oliveira de Castro Barbosa, Director of the Ingenierie Department of Moldmak, assures that the Moldmak/Fagor Automation partnership is key to offering advancements fully adapted to Industry 4.0.

Fagor Automation’s Quercus CNC system and Series3 feedback systems are the products that make Moldmak’s machines much more advanced.

Reliability, robustness, ease of installation and operation, guaranteed international technical service, etc., are words that Barbosa uses to define Fagor Automation.

Moldmak-Fagor Automation, the union that has shown that the joint collaboration of two high-level companies, both are providing the most advanced products and materials on the market, means that new developments are carried out in very short periods of time. Moreover, the implementation of these developments to the new models is carried out almost instantaneously and with guaranteed success.

More about Moldmak

Moldmak‘s goal is to offer technically and economically more efficient solutions, as well as to cover the lack of applications in the market for intelligent mold production systems.

Since its foundation, the company has been staffed by people with extensive international experience in the sector. This last, the deep knowledge of the mold production process and the mastery in the development of high-precision CNC machines make it possible to raise the bar of Moldmak and create new products that generate great impact in the sector.

The great advantage of their equipment comes from their multitasking ability to perform large milling, end milling, drilling, tapping, and deep hole drilling (deep hole drilling & STS) and CMM (coordinate measuring machine). This allows the machines to cover all milling and mold quality needs with only two setups, thanks to high thermal, dynamic and static stability.