New Fagor Automation Technology Centre in Italy, Ivrea

Fagor Automation set up the Ivrea Technology Centre in early 2012 to strengthen its presence on the Italian market. Fagor Automation has worked in Italy for several years now and considers it a strategic market, given the innovative and technologically advanced character of Italian-produced machine tools.

In the words of Pierluigi Barbieri, Fagor Italia’s Managing Director, “Fagor has decided to strengthen its commitment to the Italian milling sector, where the perception and the value attached to our brand needs to be in line with the high quality of our CNC machines. Fagor’s latest product, the CNC 8065 M , is totally equipped to meet the needs of the highly demanding Italian market, but our intention at present is to keep a closer watch on this market”.


In addition to our product investment, we have also recently opened the new Ivrea Technology Centre, which will complement the Milan office as regards product development, promotion, application and programming support and customer training.

With the opening of this new centre a new team of people have joined the Fagor Italy staff, professionals with long-standing experience in the CNC sector, highly qualified, well-known and highly valued by numerous end users and OEMs. They will work on developing the market for Machine Tool users and manufacturers, while at the same time developing configurations and extensions of the CNC’s 8065 customised features through close rapport with customers and the R&D department at the head office.

Diego Perego, CNC Sales Manager for Fagor Italy, tells us: “This is an interesting opportunity for Fagor to grow, as it allows us to directly approach customers, manufacturers and retrofitters, while in the past we didn’t have the chance to promote our products’ state-of-the-art technology and highlight their value. Now, just a few months after opening this Technology Centre, we are starting to see the first results”.


Alberto Fasana, Fagor Italy Ivrea’s current Branch Manager
, backed by vast experience as Software Development Manager at the Ivrea firm Selca SpA and later as CNC Division Manager at Fidia SpA in San Mauro Torinese, explains that “the new Technology Centre has been founded with a view to extending Fagor’s product offer in two ways: firstly, by responding to the customers’ requirements with new software and hardware developments for our current products, and secondly by becoming a geographical extension of the company in their area so that we can increase our coverage, working together and sharing resources between the different offices”.


Fabrizio Bettiol, Fagor Italy’s current Programming Manager, with long-standing experience in the sector, firstly at Selca SpA and later as Programming Manager for Heidenhain Italiana SrL, tells us: “When I used the Fagor CNC 8065 for the first time, it struck me as being a product with much potential and interesting milling features, as well as being easy to use and program. But we know that there’s always room for improvement, and the Ivrea centre’s work has allowed extensions to be made to the current products to aid migration for users purchasing Fagor products for the first time, and features that improve the CNC’s performance even further: profile programming extensions using geometric language, the new ProGTL3, which allows any geometric profile at all to be worked with no need for use of external CAD systems, programming integration and interactivity with real-time simulation or enhancement of 3D milling functions, for example creation of solids defined from a flat profile and one or more section profiles, or using spatial rotary travelling to obtain grooved or solid surfaces, along with many other important surface milling features”.