Next Generation: automation solutions that maximize production capacity

At Fagor Automation, we develop next-generation automation solutions. After decades of knowledge and experience in the machine tool sector and in addition to the technological advances of the future, we have created automation solutions that increase production capacity: QUERCUS and Series3.

Transformational technology that leaves everything else behind

QUERCUS, is the new automation technology that responds to the demanding needs of today’s market while also being prepared for the future. This new CNC automation system offers infinite advantages and possibilities.

  • Advanced technology, completely redesigned: incorporates control algorithms and circuits made up of the most advanced technology, with an innovative and flexible architecture, an easier, safer, and more efficient assembly, and with improved and updated hardware.
  • New regulation bus: the Sercos III bus, based on Industrial Ethernet, allows the speed to be multiplied up to 100 MBd. Thus, the CNC can receive and manage much more information.
  • A completely digital system: the system inputs are prepared for protocols of communication signals: FeeDat (Fagor), SSI… this enables a fully digital system.
  • Reduced size: the Fagor CNC and drive modules occupy less space while also being more powerful than ever. The new extremely compact CNC hardware platform allows a space reduction of between 45% and 60%.
  • Suitable for all CNC machines: the main control unit is mechanically compatible with all variations of machines and third-party monitors. The control console machine can be equal to any type of machine, although varying the model CNC, which allows greater flexibility in the configurations of the CNC monitor integrated.
  • A new system of modular installation: the VESA mount adapter allows attaching a CNC unit directly to a Fagor PC panel or third-party monitor regardless of size. This expands the possibilities of the manufacturer to customize the display size and aesthetics of their machine.
  • Easy to program and platform-independent: HMIelite, built using HTML5 technology with renewed, more modern, and simplified aesthetics. This software allows modifying and customizing the format, aesthetics, and functionalities in a simple way.
  • Ready for the future: QUERCUS allows our customers to benefit from all the new developments from Fagor Automation that will soon be at your disposal.

Series3, a new family of linear encoders that incorporates an optoelectronic technology fully developed and patented by Fagor Automation: 3STATECH.

These encoders communicate with the CNC system through its own Feedat communication protocol, which makes it possible to achieve very fast position loops with nanometric resolutions to achieve precise finishes. They are suitable for all sizes of precision machinery, from as little as 70 mm or as long as 50 meters.

Characteristics of the Series3 family

  • Robustness: the encoders feature a rigid clamping system and improved mechanical technology that provides high resistance to contamination and adverse machine conditions common in the machine tool industry.
  • Optimal communication: the digital FeeDat protocol provides optimal communication with the Fagor control system.
  • Accurate measurement: the encoders stand out for providing repeatable micrometric precision over time, as well as a nanometric resolution at high working speeds, that contribute to achieving smooth, precise, and repeatable shaft control.
  • Easy assembly: the wide variety of mounting options where there is no need for nuts, and a complete set of accessories and tools, allow the encoder to be installed in the best location and easily.