Our model G3, at the forefront in the design of enclosed optical linear encoders resistant to contamination

Fagor Automation has the Series 3, a new range of more robust and accurate optical linear encoders, developed with the most advanced technology. Among them is the G3 model, the latest in the design of linear optical encoders robust to contamination.

Protection against pollutants with the best technology

In enclosed optical linear encoders such as G3, protection from contaminants is crucial, so it is paramount that the encoder has the appropriate mechanical design. G3 linear encoder models feature state-of-the-art technology and consist of an aluminium profile, end caps and protective lips to ensure that the internal components remain intact. In addition, if for any reason the internal components become contaminated, robust opto-electronics can prevent encoder failure, extend the life of the encoder and therefore reduce costs.

Robustness and proprietary patented technologies

Fagor Automation has its own technology to design the enclosed linear encoders, and designs its own protection lips, selecting the most suitable material for the linear encoders.

The robust design of the 3 Series and especially the G3 model is the result of years of experience in multiple applications and also the development of proprietary patented technologies, such as the well-proven 3STATETCH technology. This patented technology combines a pseudo-random code together with excellent optoelectronic components (such as the single-window scanning sensor) and advanced algorithms (which continuously monitor, analyse and compensate for detected deviations in real time) to give correct positioning in extreme conditions even when drilling, condensation, grease or other substances are present.

Opting for a single pair of protective lips for linear encoders

Recently, some manufacturers of linear encoders have tried to improve the contamination resistance by introducing a second pair of guard lips. Experience seems to show that the new design is not appropriate as a second pair of guard lips does not seem to have a positive effect in terms of protection but does produce some unfavourable effects.

For example, the higher force required to pull the readhead along the encoder has a negative impact on the shaft rotational error and also puts more energy demands on the motor. In addition, contaminant materials can permanently accumulate in the space between the two pairs of protective lips and this deposit of material can accelerate contamination gaining access to the interior through the innermost pair of protective lips.

It seems that the arguable advantage that could be gained is far outweighed by the disadvantages of incorporating a second pair. This trend seems to have failed, and it can be concluded that the preferred option for current and future designs is still with one pair of protective lips.

Meet the 3 Series, Fagor Automation’s family of rugged and robust linear encoders.

Fagor Automation offers a wide range of robust and rugged linear encoders that meet the high quality standards set for the different applications by using a unique pair of protection lips together with the described proprietary designs of mechanical and opto-electronic technologies. The combination of both features results in highly repeatable encoders with the highest level of robustness against harsh environments.