Operating / Programming

OPERATING / PROGRAMMING: Interactive graphics, Profile editing in ISO code, DXF file importer, Tool management, HD graphics, etc.

Interactive graphics

As the user edits a program, he can see the shape of the part being edited. For debugging the program even before simulation.


Profile editing in ISO code

The user will be able to program a profile directly in ISO code and view it to use it later on in conversational cycles. This programming may be done using Fagor ISO code or ProGTL3 language for users familiarized with Selca.


New DXF file import version

It lets work with various layers and associated routines at the beginning or end of the figure and associate drilling or tapping to points defined with circles.


New way of tool management

It offers agile tool management once they are in their manual handling or while machining.

Gestion de las herramientas

New HD graphics version

– Dynamically load the configuration of the machine (e.g. switching from lathe to mill).

– Definition of different part shapes (prism, cylindrical).

– Salve semi-machined parts to be used later on.