Panasonic Corp. exhibits Fagor absolute linear encoders

Panasonic Corp. exhibited in their booth at the SEMICON fair in Japan the absolute digital linear scales of Fagor Automation.

Panasonic Corp., Appliances Company, Motor Business Unit was present at the Semicon fair held from the 7th to the 9th of December in Japan. They attended as a leader of solutions for the sector. This dedicated fair permits the participants showing their lastest novelties to the market and it is a clear indicator of the strength of the Japanese industry in this sector. Fagor Automation as a supplier of encoders was present at the Panasonic Corp. booth as a collaborator.

Fagor Automation has implemented in the linear encoders the digital protocol of communication and can be directly connected to the MINAS A5 drive. Fagor Automation can also provide the exposed (non contact) linear encoder for linear motors which can be connected to the MINAS A5L driver. The digital protocol and the MINAS A5 and MINAS A4 drivers are owned by Panasonic Corp.

This event shows the good relationships between both companies and establishes the basis for future collaborations to which Panasonic Corp., and Fagor Automation are committed. The result was a complete success, more than 700 visits were received during the 3 days exhibition. Fagor Automation wants to publically thank Panasonic Corp., for their continuous effort in promoting and improving the collaboration between both companies.

Since the first event in 1977, SEMICON Japan has kept on growing until now. It has became the largest international exhibition for materials and semiconductor equipments. More than 900 companies, including Panasonic Corp. were exhibiting their products this year which proves its dimension.