Pedrali has chosen Fagor for its new Soraluce machine

Pedrali Meccanica S.r.l., located in Albino, Bergamo province with a registered office at Albano S. Alessandro was founded in 1973. It has evolved over the years specializing in turning, milling and precision mechanical boring of rolled, forged and stamped parts of medium and large dimensions. They work in different sectors ranging from oil to nuclear, chemical and energy in general, exporting their products virtually everywhere in the world.

The company has a leading technical office, likewise prestigious Machine-Tool universally fitted with very powerful CNC. Regarding the latter point, the election of these for years is based on Fagor numerical control line.

We have interviewed Mr Lizzadro Antonio, company production manager. In the exhibition of Bimu (2-6 october), the Soraluce stand displays a boring machine equipped with the Fagor CNC 8070 you purchased. Could you tell us why?

Modernization of our machinery is essential since new machinery enables machining time reduction, winning new orders and guaranteeing our company future. With this clearly in mind we decided to purchase the universal boring machine from the Spanish company Soraluce.

What are its characteristics?

This machine enables us to machine parts with dimensions of up to 6000mm x 4500mm and a depth of 3200mm. Furthermore, thanks to the d’Andrea head turnings of up to 1800mm can be achieved. The machine ram is prepared to carry several sleeves thus influencing total drilling depth. Last but not least there are 3 interchangeable heads according to machining type with a power of up to 71kW.

Such a top notch machine must have to tackle serious tackle difficulties?

True. Experience has taught us the CNC 8070 is high performance and can meet all our technical demands. Its peculiarities include milling/turning function management enabling programming of milling and turning cycles indistinctly; kinematic management means head replacement can done without problems modifying the different geometric data as we go; everything regarding sloping planes via rototranslation function in space and simple powerful management of RTCP; and finally high speed machining for CAD-CAM created moulds.

Besides CAD programming, do you also have to program next to the machine?

We sometimes need to program specific details or cycles directly in the CNC, so it’s essential to have a simplified intuitive editor. With the CNC 8070 we normally use the powerful profile editor to design the part for machining associating its technological parameters. Regarding turning, when a part to be machined is forged we can design the profile gross and finished so the CNC can optimize the machining passes taking into account the initial shape.

What are the advantages of using the CNC 8070?

Undoubtedly the reduced machining times which have a positive impact at production cost level, reliability, simplicity and quality. We also greatly value the PC simulator which facilitates programming.

What do you think about the opening of a new Ivrea technological center expressly related to milling?

For us as an end customer, it is important to know Fagor has made a large investment regarding the milling sector. Knowing the numerical control we’ve chosen can be equipped with new features, to be avant-garde at all times, means we have made the right choice.