Popular booth at the Simtos exhibition in Seoul, Korea

FAGOR AUTOMATION KOREA, 2012 April 17 to 22 of Korea’s largest machine tool exhibition, attended SIMTOS 2012. This exhibition of approximately 100 thousand people were attending customers, FAGOR AUTOMATION KOREA Booth also has approximately 400 clients attending.

In particular, this exhibition FAGOR CNC 8065/8070 and various linear scale products has been much attention to the customers. And, the HYUNDAI-WIA, HWACHEON, DOOSAN major machine tool companies in Korea were showed great interest in the linear scale product, the sample has been an order. In Korea, very fast growing manufacturer of precision glass processing machine equipped with FAGOR CNC also has exhibited at the exhibition.

Mr.Pedro Ruiz de Aguirre General Manager of Fagor Automation , Mr.Jesus General Manager of Fagor Automation China and Mr.Joseph Kim General Manager Korea after a tour of the exhibition, a manufacturer of glass grinding machine, “Seonghyun” to visit the production line looking around and discuss the future prospects of the market.

South Korea on the eve of the Chinese market is expected to play the role of a bridgehead, the future of precision glass processing machine market prospects are very bright and increase the demand for more precise machines are expected to do so.