Positive balance at the 2017 Timtos show

Despite the uncertain market situation, where nobody is able to predict what is going to happen two or three months ahead, the influx of international buyers has been more prominent than in the last editions.

In many cases, we have welcomed visits from distributors to the search for high-level solutions and new suppliers to complete their machine catalog. Simultaneously, we noted that manufacturers are designing new strategies to maintain competitiveness in the market.

Among the innovations presented for feedback systems, we can highlight the new “series 2” line of encoders, with major improvements in terms of assemblability, reliability and advanced benefits. Another major innovation has been the new D200i100 encoder with a precision arc of 1 second and 100mm of internal diameter, designed for the most demanding applications. Finally, the D87 line of encoders was also presented. It is aimed at the market for rotary tables, with accuracies in the range of 10 seconds of arc, and designed for applications where the precision/cost commitment is crucial.

On the other hand, the availability of new communication protocols in our feedback systems is opening the door to new market niches of great potential, which previously presented difficult accessibility.

Regarding CNC systems, and in addition to the latest lathe and mill models, special emphasis was placed on solutions based on the Industry 4.0. A complete solution comparable to a real company was presented, with all machines connected to one another (besides several machines that are operating in Spain) and with access to all the necessary information through different devices (PC, tablet and smartphone). With that, customers were able to see the ease of connectivity and access to any data and or variable in the Fagor CNCs.

Also worthy of note was the presentation of the new Fagor CNC family to also offer solutions aimed at laser cutting. Two CNCs were presented with all necessary features for laser cutting machines, with a specific and simple HMI that is adapted to the needs of the users of this type of machine.

The impression has been very positive, with an improvement in the market prospects. FAGOR products are widely accepted by Taiwanese manufacturers thanks to their technical performance, reliability and full compatibility.

Thanks to that, our presence in first-order manufacturers is increasing year after year, and this edition of TIMTOS has been the confirmation of Fagor Automation for this sector of high-level machines.

Therefore, we note an improvement in the market situation, which we expect to consolidate after the show in the form of new orders and machines.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you very much to everyone who visited us.