Positive valuation of the EMO exhibition in Hannover

Fagor Automation positively valued the assistance of the EMO exhibition held from September 19th to the 24th in Hannover.

[vimeo width=”400″ height=”225″]http://vimeo.com/30188806[/vimeo]Watch above testimonies from the heads of our German subsidiary at the exhibition. Mr. Klaus Richter, General Manager of the office and Mr. Reinhard Steckhan, Sales Manager of the Feedback System Business.

In Iñaki Bañuelos’ words, Fagor Automationn Feedback Business Manager, “A lot of people attended the exhibition throughout all its duration has seen large numbers of people, conveying expectations for growth in the sector for the near future. Very good feeling of almost all manufacturers we spoke with, both in terms of getting purchase orders and the overall optimistic atmosphere.

We should point out the quality of the sales leads made, since we had interviews with managers, buyers, technicians and sales people who in general are part of the purchasing decision making process. Fagor Automation had the opportunity to interact with industry leading brands in the machine tool sector, and believes that results may be positive for the company in the near future.
Iñaki Bañuelos also points out, “However, despite this degree of optimism, the information we have on other markets within the machine tool industr is not so optimistic and, consequently, we must be cautious about the evolution of the sector in the months to come “.

Fagor CNC systems installed on machines that were exhibited at the show reached 3%, fifth position in the whole trade show area, a very positive result considering the strong presence of German CNC manufacturers on their own market. Italian, Taiwanese, Spanish, Serbian, Chinese, American and German companies have installed both Fagor CNC’s and Fagor feedback systems.