DELCAM creates a post-processor for PowerMILL, compatible with FAGOR CNCs

PowerMILL: Advanced machining strategies minimize manufacturing time while improving part-finish quality

PowerMillFagor Automation has collaborated with Delcam in creating post-processors for their CAM PowerMILL, one of the best programs of its kind in the world.

Now PowerMILL has all the necessary tools for generating post-processors optimized for each machine, especially for the 5-axis one.

Thanks to the new high-speed machining algorithms and continuous 5-axis machining that we have developed, Fagor Automation and PowerMILL is the perfect tandem for fast and accurate 5-axis machining.

The FAGOR CNC 8065 offers tools for 3-axis, 3+2 and 5-axis continuous machining and PowerMILL is now able to manage all of them more efficiently and their post-processors can generate more intelligent programs, capable of making the machine run more smoothly while maintaining the set feedrate and tolerances. As a result, the part finish is excellent with more efficient life monitoring and less stress for the machine.