Presentation of Fagor Automation in the Marinha Grande Development Center (Portugal)

Last June, a presentation was held on the new features of Fagor Automation’s CNC 8065M and Industry 4.0 of was held in the CDRSP Marinha Grande Development Center, in Portugal.

cnc-fagorThe purpose of this presentation was to inform the Portuguese mold setting companies on high-speed cutting (HSC), kinematics adjustment and collision management, and the concept of Fagor Automation’s Industry 4.0 tailored solutions .

The event was attended by the current manager Pedro Ruíz de Azua, his successor Pepe Perez and national Business Head of CNC Joxe Mari Larrañaga, for Fagor Automation España, and Teixeira Bicho, for Fagor Automation Portugal, who were welcomed by Vice President of the CDRSP center, Mr. Rui Pedrosa, and its Director, Mr. Nuno Alves.

presentación-en-maquina-5ejesTwo lectures were held at 9 am and 11 am, and the speakers of each lecture were Artur Mateus, representing the center, who made a presentation on Additive-Subtractive Technology with the Fagor CNC, and Mr. Rui Orfão, representing Fagor Automation. Each presentation brought together roughly 40 companies, with about 80 companies in total. The list of attendants included users, manufacturers, retrofiters and importers of Machine Tools. In addition to the onsite presentation, they also saw a presentation on the 5-axis Machine.

Thank you everyone for your presence!