“Process Informer”, automatic sending of e-mails / SMS from the CNC

The Machine-tool industry in its permanent evolution is integrating functions coming from the latest communication technology.

Certain machining processes do not require constant operator presence to monitor them, either because it is an automated serial process or because the machining operation takes a long time. On the other hand, should an incident occur, the lack of operator presence may cause idle time that jeopardizes machine productivity.

This productivity may be improved if it is controlled remotely by receiving timely information on the status of the machining processes and acting quickly in face of any unexpected problems.

The new feature “Process Informer” of the CNC 8065 through the “Web Connectivity” service lets configure the messages of the machine so they can send SMS and emails automatically. Each message or error has two fields that the user can associate with an email address and/or a phone number.

When one of the messages or alerts configured for that is activated, a message (SMS or email) will be sent automatically to take immediate action and minimize possible interruptions at the machine.