Fagor Automation will be based on the renewal of its product family, to gain share of the market, which in 2011 received a boost with the CNC 8055 Power and the 8065. On this occasion, Fagor keeps on expanding the range of motors, achieving a power of up to 130 kW to improve the speed and part-finish quality. It will also delve into the new generation of angular encoders, with more communication protocols.

Indeed, new products have helped boost its industrial cooperation with first-level machine manufacturers. As for CNC, they have delivered systems for under-floor wheel lathes from Dano-Rail, a company of the Danobat group that manufactures innovative solutions for maintenance of railway running gears. Also new products from the French manufacturer SOMAB, and machining centers from the American company MAG (Thyssen USA before), which have convinced not only by their basic features, but also by the Kinematic Management provided by elements such as Volumetric Compensation and Adaptive Control and thanks to its advanced algorithms provides the spindle with a more homogenous feed, hence extending tool life, as pointed out by the people in charge at Fagor

The company has also established its position as the global benchmark in absolute encoders with the contract signed with a Korean manufacturer, leader in large lathes, providing them with its largest facility so far. The equipment includes 2 absolute 35-m long linear encoders to be installed on two lathes. In addition, Fagor manufactures other large systems for the Cantabrian (Spanish) company Equipos Nucleares (Nuclear Equipment) (ENSA), a world leader in supplying components for nuclear equipment. They point out that these absolute linear encoders eliminate downtime and make it possible to quickly restart the machining of large parts, which together with their leadership in this type of installations has allowed them to attract new customers on markets as demanding as the German and the Japanese.