PSED: Protocol signal evaluation device

The PSED is a testing tool designed and manufactured by Fagor Automation for the diagnosis, installation assistance and after sales service of the linear and angular encoders of Fagor Automation.

The PSED can be directly connected to the Fagor driver so the diagnosis can be carried out in a very simple manner using the LEDs integrated in the tool. Alternatively, the PSED can be connected to a PC with a dedicated software in order to take full advantage of all the funcionalities and analysis capabilities.

Errors related to the installation and performance of the encoders can be identified and diagnosed with the PSED testing tool.

Main features

  • Position reading
  • Alarm status and communication visualisation
  • Error messages display
  • Voltage and current reading
  • Display of the internal parameters of the reader head
  • Lissajous (circular diagram) of the incremental signal ouputs
  • Offset and amplitude of the incremental signal output


Input signals

  • Fanuc® Serial Interface
  • Mitsubishi® High Speed Serial Interface
  • Protocol Panasonic® (Matsushita)
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI)