Quality transmission – making the grade

GUIBE –with over 30 years’ experience in the industrial transmission field, has firmly decided to go for internationalization and innovation. The gear cutting division is responsible for the largest qualitative leap of the company in recent years: a three-way collaboration between GUIBE, Fagor Automation and Lauko Máquinas-Herramienta, has revolutionized the gear cutting process in the company.

Lauko was responsible for modernizing the Gipuzkoan company´s gear cutting machinery integrating the Fagor Automation CNC 8055.

The contribution of Fagor Automation

We visited GUIBE premises, in particular the workshop where we were able to talk to one of the company expert cutters, Mr Ascensio Iturbe next to the machine. Although he still yearns for the old machinery with which he has worked for so many years, we note he is delighted with the 5 modernized machines in the workshop: “Really, the operation of the cutting machine (advances, speeds, tools used, lubrication, etc.) has not varied substantially; however, integration of the Fagor Automation CNC 8055 in the machinery, has made operators’ work much easier. Although as important as the CNC or more so, is the software incorporated, likewise developed by Fagor Automation but with very active collaboration by GUIBE”.

What does the software incorporated in the cutting process do?

“Cutting machine automation reduces operator responsibility in the face of possible errors. The CNC (or rather the software) informs us when any value introduced in the machine is wrong”, he adds. And then continues: “Usually in GUIBE single series are cut. At the most I think we have occasionally done 40 parts. This is why software is also very important. For the flexibility it endows the machine with; it integrates machining customized cycles, where we need only introduce the parameters indicated on the drawing to achieve automatic processing. We can also record the tools most used in the program to use them again simply by pressing a button”.