RCS-S, new analog interface device

Fagor Automation has one of the widest products ranges for machine-tool equipment on the market. From now on, the catalogue will also include the new analog Remote Counter Station Sercos interface device (RCS-S).

Fagor’s choice

Choosing Fagor means choosing a supplier able to supply different CNC families to meet all needs (milling, turning, special machining) and much more: digital drives for shafts and spindles, synchronous and asynchronous motors in a wide range of output powers, and rotary traducers encoders and both incremental and absolute lineal scales. Finally, for all input-output devices necessary to control the machine’s auxiliary equipment, precisely within this product category, Fagor is pleased to present its new RCS analog interface device.

Remote Counter Station Sercos (RCS-S)

This is an I / O module that connects with up to four reading devices through the interface, reading cutting sizes and managing up to four analog outputs, making it ideal for managing machines with analog drives.

However, what is really innovative about this device are its features. The Fagor range already included analog output management modules but now, thanks to the new RCS device connected to the fast real-time Sercos bus (the same one used for the digital drives), measurements can be taken and motors managed with capabilities close to those of the digital drives.

But the benefits don’t stop there. RCS is able to process different types of signals from digital transducers to satisfy all demands: TTL incremental encoders for economic solutions, 1 Vpp incremental systems for high precision and Fagor absolute and third party transducers. Finally, analog outputs are high resolution (16 bits) to permit precise, fluid motor control .

Numerous possibilities

With this new I/O module, Fagor is enhancing the usability of your CNCs and transducers in drive applications and other analog devices with no loss of performance. It will be particularly useful in massive form in applications for special machining and in retrofit applications, where pre-installed drives and motors can be used without needing replacement for significant cost savings without sacrificing performance.