Revolutionary innovation for the steel structure sector by DANOBAT

DANOBAT, has recently cooperated in various projects with companies dedicated to the steel structure sector which has allowed them to share experiences and detect needs that have not been met yet.The manufacturing of the iDP+ machine has been designed analyzing the needs of the customers, the long-term prospects and the importance to adapt to the current market situation.

iDP+ is a state-of-the-art combination of two technologies of the steel structure sector such as THERMAL CUTTING and DRILLING that, as opposed to the current working method, makes it possible to carry out both machining operations on a single machine. Until now, these processes required at least two separate machines.

The machine is capable of drilling, tapping, counter sinking, etc. as well as cutting scarf joints, bevels, castellations, etc., by thermal cutting in a single working cycle thanks to a rotary table that holds two spindles, one for drilling and the other one for cutting and allows selecting either the drilling spindle or the cutting spindle depending on the needs of the process to carry out.

The spindle has a flame cutting torch controlled by a five servo-controlled axes system using the RTCP function of the Fagor CNC 8070 which offers full freedom of movement around the part. This mobility gives the possibility to make cuts at the beginning and at the end of the part, both with an inclination of up to 60º on the profile web or on the flange, chamfers of up to 60º, scarf joints, slots, etc.

This solution will allow the companies to be more efficient, maximize the working area, as well as reduce material manipulation time. It improves the quality of the final product and reduces the delivery time by eliminating intermediate works.

The CNC 8070 works connected to the office receiving execution programs through the network; using the production management software. A software for maintenance via internet is also installed in the CNC.

DANOBAT points out in this project the importance of cooperating once again with the customer, share experiences and listen to provide the right response in each case. For that, DANOBAT has trusted Fagor Automation again and has cooperated with them to offer a solution to those customer needs.