SeongHyun Technology and FAGOR CNC: 4 simultaneous machining operations

4 simultaneous machining operations thanks to combining the FAGOR CNC and the new machine developed by SeongHyun Technology

When manufacturing series of glass pieces, having the equivalent of 4 glass grinding machines on a single machine is an excellent way to optimize and save time. With this in mind, SeongHyun Techology has developed a machine that allows running 4 machining operations at the same time by using the 4 execution channels of the FAGOR 8070 CNC.

4 independent execution channels may be set on Fagor Automation’s 8070 CNC, each one with 3 linear axes (X, Y, Z), its own spindle and tool magazine. Using all these features, SeongHyun Techology’s machine gets 4 machines in one making it possible to machine 4 parts simultaneously and, consequently, increasing productivity.

SeongHyun Techology is a company created in 2005 and specialized on multi-axis machines for glass cutting and owning their own patents in that sector. This international company has three production plants in Korea and P.R. China.

Fagor Automation in Korea

Fagor Automation is present worldwide through its large distribution and service network with more than 25 branch offices and 45 distributors. It opened its own branch office in Korea 15 years ago and has been providing close and permanent service to the Korean market from there ever since.