Series3: family with Functional Safety

To ensure the safety of machine operators, these machines must operate within the safety parameters, which is why the different axes of the machine must be controlled safely.

As a result of Fagor Automation’s commitment to our customers and partners’ requests regarding safety, it has launched a new family of linear encoders with functional safety G3-FS, S3-FS, and SV3-FS.

These encoders comply with the functional safety standards for machinery EN ISO 13849-1:2015 and EN 61800-5-2:2016. In addition, they comply with the relevant electronic equipment standards for functional safety IEC 61508:2010 and the latest encoder-specific standards IEC 61800-5-3:2021. Fagor Automation has been audited and certified by TÜV SÜD during the entire development process.

All hardware, optics, and software of the Fagor Automation G3, S3, and SV3 Series3 family have been redesigned with safety-related requirements in mind.

Fagor Automation’s objective is to guarantee maximum performance and maximum safety for the machine operator in all potentially dangerous circumstances.

New optical technology

The hardware has been designed to manage position data redundantly. To this end, Fagor Automation has implemented a new patented optical technology that is capable of simultaneously acquiring redundant absolute position information. This information makes the start-up of the encoder more secure.

Exceptional performance

The Series3 family includes the successful 3STATECH technology. This technology provides exceptional performance against contamination and the harshest environments.

Unlike traditional absolute encoders, the Series3 family is able to detect “no good” data by means of third-state information. In addition, the new optics are able to read more portions of the binary code than is actually necessary to correctly calculate the absolute position.

Increased robustness

Fagor Automation’s unique technology makes a big difference in terms of robustness against contaminants, especially oil vapors that often accumulate after a period of inactivity.

As far as incremental signals are concerned, Fagor Automation uses a new ASIC in the safety encoders. This new integrated circuit has been specially developed for safety-related applications.

The know-how accumulated during Fagor Automation’s 40-year history in high-precision systems has made this new ASIC capable of providing the lowest possible subdivisional error.

In summary, the Series3, Fagor G3-FS, S3-FS, and SV3-FS functional safety encoders are not only ideal for meeting the relevant functional safety standards, but also provide high repeatability and robustness against contaminants and best performance.