Series3: From small S3 to big L3

Fagor Automation manufactures the L3 linear encoder with steel tape and lengths up to 50 meters, thus completing the Series3. In addition, the Series3 family includes encoders with optical glass: the S3, SV3, and G3.

All these have been designed to increase productivity and reduce costs, and they are the most advanced linear encoders that Fagor Automation has ever developed.

The modifications and innovations implemented in Series3 affect all the technologies currently present in an encoder, from mechanics, and optoelectronics, to software.

Series3 characteristics

This family stands out for its ease of installation, sturdiness, precision, and resolution, as well as a wide range of absolute signals for various control systems.

  • Easier to install: the mechanical redesign has made it possible to reduce the size of the encoders. As a result, they can be installed in smaller spaces and offer multiple mounting options.
  • More robust: incorporates a set of developments that result in more robust encoders with excellent performance in demanding machining environments. In addition, the new patented 3STATECH optical reading technology offers critical improvements to optoelectronic sub-assemblies when the encoder works in harsh machining conditions.
  • Higher precision and resolution: these aspects have been perfected by redesigning the mechanical systems that minimize the effect of alignment differences between the mobile and fixed parts to which the two parts of the encoder are joined. These modifications result in micro-precision encoders ideal for repetitive measurement and positioning.
  • Wide range of connectivity: connectivity through serial digital communication protocols, including FeeDat, the protocol developed by Fagor Automation. s and maximize performance.

L3 series: Long-range absolute linear encoders

It is the most recent addition to the Fagor Automation catalog, reinforcing the world leadership in very long absolute linear encoders.

The L3 series includes all features common to the Series3 and has exclusive features focused on mounting encoders for extended applications.

  • Integrates air and electrical connections on both sides of the head.
  • The redesign of the steel tape tensioning system allows the reader head to be inserted at both ends even with the steel tape installed and tensioned.
  • The steel tape substrate used has an anti-error system that prevents its incorrect assembly. Thus, untimely and long delays during installation are avoided.