SOCO Machinery designs a new machine model in close collaboration with Fagor Automation Taiwan

Set up in 1979, the firm is one of the most well-known manufacturers worldwide of special machine tools for bending andcutting tubes and solid bars.

SOCO Machinery has developed a new laser cutting machine fitted with the CNC 8070 system, specifically designed for cutting circular and square or rectangular tubes.
The machine consists of 3 linear axes plus a rotary gantry axis, all equipped with Fagor digital control. The flexibility and power of the CNC 8070 have made it possible to integrate laser control, interpolate the cutting profiles in space and create a specific interface for the machine.

For this project, SOCO has developed specific software for cutting tubes which, starting from the tube profile and the profile to be cut generates a program that is run directly on the 8070 CNC. With the advantages offered by Fagor Automation’s products and local service, we hope that this close collaboration between the two companies lasts for a long time.