TEVO trusts FAGOR with propellers

TEVO is a Finnish company created by Mr. Teuvo Joensuu in 1974. It is specialized in manufacturing machines and equipment for the steel, paper and chemical industries.

Mr. Teuvo Joensuu and Mr. Lauri Ihalainen

In 1990, company expanded and began to manufacture large steel workpieces and producing for large rolls for the paper industry. Since 2005, TEVO has it’s own foundry for large ship propellers in Turenki, southern Finland. Propellers are casted up to 33 tons and 7 meters of diameter. Total casting capacity of this plant is up to workpieces of 90 ton of propeller.

Recently, they have retrofitted a large vertical lathe capable of turning workpieces of up to 10 meter diameter, 5 meter height and maximum load as heavy as 200 tons.

This vertical lathe is equipped with a FAGOR CNC and a FAGOR digital servo system. It has 4 linear CNC axes that can be interpolated simultaneously with a turning table used as a large main spindle, as a positioning C axis for turning and milling operations. It also has a second spindle for drilling and tapping on large flanges and cylinders or other complicated parts. It also has a milling head for milling, with a DIN 50 taper, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The positioning system is provided by high-resolution, absolute-positioning FAGOR linear encoders.TEVO tapping a flange

TEVO facilities have other 4 vertical lathes equipped with FAGOR CNC. for turning diameters from 3000 mm to 6000 mm. Choosing the FAGOR CNC’s for their vertical lathes was the right decision. According to TEVO’s senior technician, Mr. Tero Salminen “The FAGOR CNC is easy to operate and its man-machine interface is very intuitive. Plus, retrofitting old machines has been pretty easy for us”. Mr. Salminen has done it all by himself, from Electrical Drawings to FAGOR PLC –programming. “FAGOR, besides offering a global product solution, offers excellent Technical Support and full documentation for machine setup”.

TEVO: propeller machiningMr. Salminen adds “to all this, we must add the advantage of having all the machines with the same CNC which makes it a lot easier to properly service and maintain the machines: setting the machine parameters, mechanical backlash compensations for accurate machining, etc.”

TEVO is committed to the permanent development of their production machines to offer a high-quality product. Without a doubt, FAGOR CNC’s together with their digital servo systems and feedback systems play an important role in reaching these goals.

TEVO Finland