The free Fagor Automation simulator at the CNC championship in Valencia

The first Valencia Autonomous Vocational Training CNC Championship was held last February at the IES Molí del Sol, in Mislata (Valencia) and Fagor Automation was one of the partner companies at the event.

Previously the championship had only existed on a national level, and was held every two years in Madrid. Last year was the first time the Valencia Community participated and therefore the Education Ministry decided to organise these Autonomous Olympics.

Skill CNC (10 de 83)

About 17 secondary school machining students participated from around the Valencian Community and the test involved 2 lathe and 2 milling programs.

The simulator used for the test, was our free CNC simulator 8060/65/70.

Skill CNC (39 de 83)

This CNC simulator offers users a complete tool for programming parts, directly on any external PC safely and productively. Therefore, thanks to the simulator it is possible to create, optimise and verify programmes directly on the PC and then run them on a machine, speeding up work flow considerably.

The new version of this free CNC simulator is available on the Fagor Automation website, containing the latest features and performance enhancements. In addition, there is no limitation on usage, that is, there is no expiry.

You can download the programme from our website or directly by clicking on the following link: Download

Skill CNC (76 de 83)

The winner was middle grade machining student Jesús Minguet Luzón (in the centre) and he will therefore represent the Valencian Community at the forthcoming Vocational Training national Olympics to be held in 2017.

Congratulations and good luck!