The new CNC 8065/8060 catalog is available: Leading-edge technology at your fingertips

The products designed and manufactured by Fagor Automation are part of an ongoing technological evolution, by adapting to the increasingly demanding requirements of the industry.

Inside the new CNC 8065 / CNC 8060 catalog for Machine Tool Manufacturers, you can find the latest innovations regarding your machine peripherals, along with information on standard tools that FAGOR CNCs include during setup procedures and for machine performance optimization, as well as other distinguishable features for machining all types of parts.

What you can expect…

The FAGOR CNC 8065 and 8060 are the most technologically advanced solutions tailored to customer needs.

Open solution

FAGOR CNC’s can be easily adapted to excel with all customer applications through the integration of customized machining cycles, creation and modification of graphic interface and the integration of third-party software, etc..

Flexible solution

FAGOR AUTOMATION offers solutions that can be adapted to any machine configuration, along with the required peripherals for each application: keyboards, screens, remote terminals and external sensors, etc.

Robust solution

Products developed by FAGOR AUTOMATION have been designed to operate with the utmost efficiency under the toughest of industrial environments. They are robust, ergonomically designed and ensure the highest guarantees in terms of protection for industrial environment.

New state-of-the-art peripherals best-configured for the industry:

Panel PC’s and touch screen monitors, suitable for even the toughest industrial environments.

Reliable, agile and ergonomic keyboards, designed by FAGOR AUTOMATION, based on the needs of different users.

Wireless handwheels and remote terminals that allow for the direct access to advanced CNC features.

Find more information and details in the catalog:

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