Tomás Morlanes, winner of the GALBAHE 2018 Award

In this edition, we shine the spotlight on the work of Tomás, who champions the technology behind the Optical Division of ​​Fagor Automation.

To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, Galbaian organized a day that brought prominent figures together to share their own perspectives and challenges concerning Intellectual Property, which was held at the Exploratorium of H-ENEA Living Lab in the GARAIA Technology Park, on April 26. Also, to conclude the event, the GALBAHE 2018 Award was presented to the best inventor, which on this occasion was given to Tomás Morlanes, manager of ​​Fagor Automation’s Optical Division.

Merit of Industrial Property

The event unfolding in Garaia included the presentation of five distinctive experiences:

  • Nerea Aranguren · General Director of IK4-IDEKO
  • Susana Simón · Technology Watch Manager at INGETEAM POWER TECHNOLOGY S.A.
  • Aitziber Aranburu · Industrial Property Manager at TECNALIA VENTURES S.L.
  • Nerea Bilbao · R&D+i Manager at SENER
  • Itziar Uribe · Project Manager overseeing the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Department at INNOBASQUE

The speeches covered topics such as: technology watch, protection tools, industrial property management at various companies, industrial property protection strategies, etc.

More photos from the event: GALBAHE Saria 2018