Training at Fagor Automation

Fagor Automation assumes the responsibility of training all people in the organization for a better performance of their professional activity.

As a global company, it has communication channels for the dissemination of documentation and information with subsidiary offices, as well as holding periodic technical and commercial visits to the different sales areas.

In addition, courses are organized periodically at the company’s headquarters in Mondragón. From here, these onsite courses should be highlighted, as they have a greater impact than the other training actions.

For many years, training courses have been organized for both new and consolidated staff. For several days, the participants address and deepen their knowledge on the optical, mechanical, electronic and software technologies of the capture systems, are trained in the handling of installation and diagnostic tools, and learn about the installation and operation of CNC systems. Regardless of where they come from or their work area, the participants always show a desire to learn new tools, acquire knowledge, and develop skills.

In the image, participants from the United States, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Japan in the course taught in February 2017 at Fagor Automation

The days dedicated to the training also address fields other than those strictly related to learning and favor other aspects, as the contact and relationship with different people in the organization brings us closer, increasing empathy in the face of the difficulties that we may find. Moreover, the working days are very enriching for the organization, with the establishment of a two-way interaction in which participants provide their daily experiences and value their experiences. Finally, the participants also have the opportunity to get to know and get involved in the cooperative and social values ​​of the environment, along with the pleasure of enjoying the local culture, cuisine and landscapes.

We would like to thank all the participants for the personal effort they make, in some cases after long overseas travels, with several hours of jet lag, the determination they show, and the effort they apply to learn every day. The success of the company depends on the people that integrate it, regarding both the commitment to achieve it and the feeling of considering that part of that success belongs to each one.