VOLZ, warranty and professionalism

VOLZ Maschinenhandel GmbH & Co. KG is one of the biggest distributors of machine tools in Germany. Headquartered in Witten-Annen / NRW, since 1972, has a professional staff of 30 technicians all over the country to support their customers.


Between the 13th and 16th of November, VOLZ has organized an Open House in which he has shown in his exhibition area of over 3500 m2 a wide variety of machines that are included in his catalog.

Like previous years, the number of visitors has been notorious and has provided a very positive balance VOLZ. Fagor has been present in these days thanks to VOLZ has gently given us some space in the exhibition area to display our products and support the 12 Fagor CNC machines that have been exhibited.

Among these machines the JohnFord high speed machining center should be highlighted. This machine has been manufactured by the company Roundtop Machinery Industries Co., Ltd., one of the leading companies of Taiwanese Machine Tool sector. The machine, equipped with a CNC 8065, produces high quality parts due to the design of the machine and the advanced machining algorithms included on the CNC.